Excerpt – The Stones of Ayalis

„Enough with this, Baxter, tell me the truth!" I demanded, stopping in the middle of the alley. „Who are those men and why are they chasing you?" Baxter frowned and looked away. „Jasmine, I don't think you...I shouldn't tell you more. Trust me, it is better that you don't get involved." „What are you talking... Continue Reading →

Legends of Orki People 4

The Humans had spread all over Istari and orki people were weary of them and their ways. All humans did was rampage the earth, wage war and plunder each other. They had pushed orki tribes into seclusion and moved in their lands and homes, desecrating everything they touched.

Legends of Orki People 3

Many years after the Palahai set homes in Istari, a new queen had risen from their ranks. Her name was Nana and she was venerated like a Goddess. She was a witch, an envious and ambitious one. It is said that Nana made a pact with the Dark God Ank, an enemy of A’Su, to deliver the orki in his hands in exchange for knowledge and wealth.

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